Online Survey: Butoh’s Current Situation Outside Japan Targeting Individual Performers

Butoh Archive Project

Dance Archive Network is conducting online survey to outline the current situation of Butoh in the world. Since its birth in 1960s, Butoh has exerted a great influence on artists beyond the confines of the performing arts. And yet, the overall picture of Butoh practitioners’ activities remains unclear. Following our first survey targeting mainly Japanese Butoh performers which was conducted last March (*1), we extend our survey worldwide in order to fathom the current state of Butoh in the world. We believe this survey will be a great help for our task to establish the dance archive to preserve this intangible art and contribute new creation for future generation.

We greatly appreciate your time to fill in the questionnaire by December 20th, 2018. It should take about ten minutes to fill out.

  • This project is supported by Arts Council Tokyo

*1: The result of the first survey can be downloaded from here (only in Japanese).

Inquiry :

NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN)
- Person-in-Charge: Dai Matsuoka
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