Dance Archive Network recognises the importance of protecting personal information and the responsibility of businesses to protect such information. As such, we take appropriate measures for the protection of personal information, which is handled in accordance with The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (‘APPI’) and other Japanese laws and guidelines. In addition, we endeavour to respond to complaints and comments regarding the handling of personal information promptly, and will review and improve any relevant measures as appropriate.

1.Collection of personal information

Dance Archive Network only collects personal information which is provided to us by you, and is necessary for carrying out business. This is done through legal means while taking appropriate security precautions.

2.Use of personal information

Dance Archive Network uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • For sharing and promoting information about the Dance Archive Network archive or any contents managed by Dance Archive Network, for networking, and for getting in contact regarding any other services provided by Dance Archive Network.
  • For sharing and promoting information about events, projects and other work in which Dance Archive Network is involved.

Personal information is not used for any other reason.

3.Security measures for personal information

For the safety and prevention of data leakage, loss or damage to personal information, Dance Archive Network follows appropriate security regulations when handling and storing personal data. In addition, we also take necessary steps to keep our security measures accurate and up to date. In the unlikely event of a problem occurring, we will promptly take the appropriate corrective measures.

4.Third party data disclosure

NPO Dance Archive Network never shares personal information with a third party without consent, with the following exceptions:

  • When required by law
  • When necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body or property, and there are difficulties in obtaining consent.
  • When necessary for the protection of public health, or for the safety of minors, and there are difficulties in obtaining consent.
  • When required by local or national government organisations, or persons entrusted with the data for the purpose of carrying out work as stipulated by law, and obtaining consent would risk hindering or obstructing such work.
  • When personal data is provided to or acquired from a third party, in addition to confirming the reason for such disclosure, a record is made of information such as the name of the provider, as required by law. It should be noted that the provision of information to delivery companies, financial institutions and other businesses that require information for the purpose of carrying out transactions are considered outside the realm of third parties.

5.Contact information

To get in contact, please use the “Contact” button below. Please note that we may ask for some identity confirmation before responding.

6.A note on translation

This privacy policy has been translated from the original Japanese, which is written in accordance with Japanese privacy laws. In case of dispute, the original Japanese will be used as the most accurate and up to date version.

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