William Klein “Dance Happening June 1961”

Photographer William Klein took photographs of a performance by Butoh founders Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno when he first visited Japan in 1961. His subsequent photo book "TOKYO" was published in 1964 and contained just four of the photographs from that performance. This new publication brings together over 500 photographs that were cut out of the original release, shedding light on this legendary collaboration between Klein and the Butoh dancers from a rehearsal studio in Meguro to the streets of Nishi-Shimbashi and Ginza 4-chome.
The Butoh dancers perform their new form of expression surrounded by onlookers and the post-war atmosphere of Tokyo city 60 years ago. Relive the events of that day, which has carved itself into dance history as you turn the pages. The "obi" [partial dust jacket] covering the book contains some words spoken by William Klein for this publication.


William Klein

Born in New York, 1928. After studying literature at Sorbonne University, he studied Fine Art with Fernand Léger. He began experimenting with photography in 1952, and won the Prix Nadar award for his first photo book "Life is Good & Good for You in New York: Trance Witness Revels", published in 1956. He visited Japan in 1961 to take photographs of Tokyo, which he published in "TOKYO" in 1964. Breaking with convention of the time, he made use of wide-angle lenses, focussed on texture, intense contrast and unorthodox composition, and has made a great impact on subsequent generations of photographers.

Dance Happening June 1961

William Klein

NPO Dance Archive Network Toshio Mizohata, Yurika Kuremiya
FILMS PARIS NEW YORK Pierre-Louis Denis, Tiffanie Pascal

Nobutaka Kitakaze (Young Soul)

John Barrett

Canta Co. Ltd. 2021
B5 336pages Bilingual: Japanese/English 516 photograhs
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