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Re-Butoooh リ・ブトー    Dance Videology
"Butoh" - a Japanese art form that transformed the 20th century dance scene,
brought to light in a 30 minute online Butoh program.


Opening | From Hijikata Tatsumi’s Hōsōtan
Contents Page | Views of Yokohama Harbour
Recording | Hijikata Tatsumi’s The Compassionate Soul Bird Comes to Unfurl Its Rustling Skeletal Wings
Archive | Morishita Takashi on Hijikata Tatsumi & Nakanishi Natsuyuki’s Saruhashi Sōko
Interview | Andō Mitsuko on Hijikata Tatsumi and Chickens
Artist | Eiko Otake’s A Body in Tokyo
Costume | Ohno Etsuko on Portrait of Mr. O
Performance | Ana Rita Teodoro’s Your Teacher, Please


Episode 2

Opening | Hijikata Sansho
Rehearsal | Takao Kawaguchi’s Laboratory
Silhouette | Taz Burns cuts Takao Kawaguchi
Archive | Shiokubi Aftershow
Performance | The Last Supper
Costume | Kazuo Ohno in Ka-Cho-Fu-Getsu, with Etsuko Ohno
Studio | Japan Mime Studio: Hiroyasu Sasaki
Execise | Surjit Nongmeikapam
Bookshelf | Tim Walker’s Shoot for the Moon
Interview | Baku Ishii’s Mask, with Katsuko Orita


Episode 1

Opening | Takao Kawaguchi's About Kazuo Ohno
Curtain Call | Admiring La Argentina
Bookshelf | Frapper le sol: Tatsumi Hijikata sur la voie du butô
Histrory | The Genesis of Butoh: William Klein's Tokyo
Interview | Eguchi Takaya & Miya Misako's Dances on the Front Line
Artist | Mikiko Kawamura
Costume | Yoshito Ohno in Water Lillies
Special Feature | Mamako Yoneyama: The World of Mime




Kazuo Ohno’s Christmas

24.DEC.2020 - 4 JAN.2021  


About Re-Butoooh

The name Re-Butoooh was inspired by two ideas: The first was to create a program about Butoh, and the second was to try and "re-boot" Butoh. The art of Butoh began in Japan, but over the last half a century it has spread throughout the world and developed in multiple ways in a variety of places. This program presents not only past Butoh footage, but also people who have been deeply involved in its creation, and current artists who are continuing its experimental spirit today, shining a light on an art form which transformed the 20th century dance scene with the aim of sharing this cultural asset with as many people as possible.

Re-Butoooh as an Archive

In order to understand the world of Butoh, a number of must-see videos have been selected from our vast archives. From precious historical films to brand new footage, a variety of extracts have been edited together to from a unique perspective, and introduce the fun and attraction of Butoh in an easy-to-understand manner. It is an archives responsibility to be accessible to everyone and to facilitate cultural creations of the future. This program is an attempt to realise such a forward-thinking archive.

Re-Butoooh as a Magazine

Much like a magazine this program features a number of topics, inviting the viewer to explore the the Butoh world from numerous angles. Each episode has a 15 minute special feature, along with a number of 1~2 minute clips, including new footage of current activities. Additional reading material can be found on the website, with extra details and background according to each topic. The program also features music by Satsuki Hoshino, a pianist based in Paris who specialises in improvised performances and accompanies silent films at festivals throughout France.

Re-Butoooh as a Network

As well as archived materials, the making of this program makes use of the editorial team's network in order to gather content and ideas from artists and institutions around the world, and facilitate global exchanges and creation. Producing this program has also brought to light the challenges of copyright for the performing arts online, the results of which have been recorded and can be shared with future generations.

What is Butoh?

An avant-garde performance based art born in post-war Japan. Although it has roots in 1920s German modern dance, it was a ground-breaking form that shook Western dance concepts. The first performance was Kinjiki by Tatsumi Hijikata in 1959, and since the 1970s it has become increasingly well known internationally. There are now Butoh festivals all over the world and it has even become featured in school classes and textbooks.



Re-Butoooh editorial team: Naoto Iina, Toshio Mizohata
Music: Satsuki Hoshino
Graphics: Nobutaka Kitakaze (Young Soul)
Composition/Direction/Video Editing: Naoto Iina
PR/Marketing/Text: Toshio Mizohata, Yurika Kuremiya
Subtitle translation: Mai Honda
Website production: Naoto Iina
Website text: Toshio Mizohata, Yurika Kuremiya
Website translation: Mai Honda
Sponsor: NPO Dance Archive Network

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