Dance Becoming Physical Education?

Lecture-Performance by Saiko Kino

→ Dance New Air 2018

At Dance New Air 2018, Saiko Kino will present both lecture-performances she premiered in Dance Archive Project 2016 & 2018, “Through the Life and Work of Kazuo Ohno, the PE Teacher” and “Dance as Nation-founding Calisthenics.” Exploring the relationship between dance and physical education in Japan where dance is taught as a part of physical education at school as well as considering the nation’s craze for physical exercise affected by Olympics, Kino’s lecture-performance makes us realize that our body can’t be unrelated to historical issues. Her lecture-performance is must-see for those who dance.
Dates & Time :
Saturday, October 6, 2018. 15:00-
Sunday, October 7, 2018. 12:00- (Babysitting service available)
(Duration: 150 min. with intermission)

Venue :
Goethe-Institut Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Admission fee :
(advance purchase) 3,000 yen / U-24&O-65 (Age 24 or under & age 65 or over) 2,500 yen / Discount Ticket for Minato ward residents 2,500 yen / Hashigo tickets with Rachid Ouramdane’s “TORDRE” (6th. 19:00/ 7th 16:00) 6,000 yen

Direction: Saiko Kino / Performer: Yoko Hayashi, Kaori Toi, Saiko Kino

Presented by Dance New Air Executive Committee, Dance Nippon Associates, Wacoal Art Center Co., LTD.
Production management: NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN)
In collaboration with Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, NPO Dance Archive Network (DAN), Tottori University Art Center, Tottori Prefectural Library, Ochanomizu University Digital Archives

Saiko Kino

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Kino graduated from the Department of Dance Education at Ochanomizu University and Sports Promotion Course at Tsukuba University (MA). She used to work as a part-time PE instructor at middle and high schools. In 2003, Kino won the Foundation Award at the Yokohama solo duo competition with “Edge.” She later joined the Russell Maliphant Company in the UK as a dancer. Now based in Japan, she works both as a dancer and a lecturer of the Art Center of the Faculty of Regional Science at Tottori University. Her works include “Shizuka” and “Mobius.”

Yoko Hayashi

Born in Kanagawa, Hayashi graduated from the Department of Dance Education at Ochanomizu University. She learned classical ballet under Kazuko Fukazawa and modern dance under Megumi Yoshizawa. While dancing solo which she started around 2001, she does choreography for group and solo dancers. In 2006 she was selected as one of choreographers in group section of Yokohama Dance Collection R solo + duo . Lately she incorporates yoga teaching in her life for her activities; raising children, teaching ballet at DANCE & YOGA Booth and Yoga at Art Life YOGA.

Kaori Toi

Born in Ehime, Toi graduated from the Department of Dance Education at Ochanomizu University where she performed together with Saiko Kino and Yoko Hayashi at dance club after she encountered creative dance at her high school. Though she rarely dances since her graduation, she most often appears in Kino’s pieces.



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Access to the venue

Goethe-Institut Tokyo (7-5-56 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
7 minute-walk from the exit 4 of Aoyama-Itchome on Tokyo-Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line and Oedo Line
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