Exhibition “Homage to Kazuo Ohno” in Vienna

At the ImPulsTanz−Vienna International Dance Festival 2017, Dance Archive Network will present the exhibition on Kazuo Ohno. At the Odeon theater, Kazuo Ohno performed “Admiring La Argentina” and “Water Lilies” in the summer of 1989. The exhibition illustrates his life and works, featuring the numerous photos, the historical footage, his costumes as well as his creative memos. Besides, in August, Kawaguchi Takao performs “About Kazuo Ohno” at the same venue.

Saturday, July 15th — Sunday, August 13th
Venue: Odeon (Taborstraße 10, 1020 Wien)
※ The exhibition opens during the performances at Odeon through the festival.
※ Admission free
Takao Kawaguchi’s “About Kazuo Ohno”: Thursday, August 10th & Saturday, August 12th