Takao Kawaguchi / Digital 3D in Motion

~ Digital archiving Kazuo Ohno's movements through Takao Kawaguchi's body
Dance Archive Project 2018

By researching archival materials, Takao Kawaguchi has created "About Kazuo Ohno" in which he "copied" precisely Kazuo Ohno's movements. This exhibition introduces our attempt to preserve Ohno's dance as digital data by capturing Kawaguchi's demonstration. The recorded data will be recreated in another virtual body than Kawaguchi's.

Date & Time :
Fri. 9 Feb. 19:00 - 23:00/ Sat. 10 Feb. 13:00 - 24:00/ Sun. 11 Feb. 15:30-

Venue :
BUoY Arts Center Tokyo. 2F (6 minutes' walk from Kitasenju Station Exit 1)

Admission fee :
Your donation is much appreciated.

Presented by NPO Dance Archive Network
Co-produced by Canta Co.Ltd
In collaboration with K'S DESIGN LAB
Supported by the Japan Arts Council

Degital 3D in Motion Project

DAN launched this project with an intention to go beyond the one-time experience of butoh. Last December at Dance Archive Project in Tokyo, DAN exhibited "Yoshito Ohno/ 3D in Motion". Yoshito Ohno often says that his wish is to convey his butoh of prayer to those children terrified by the war. Digital technology can be the help to realize such a wish and what couldn't be done in the past. We hope this project will evolve to be a cradle to nurture new creations.

Takao Kawaguchi (dancer / performer)

Joined Dumb Type in 1996. Later went solo from 2000, and has since been exploring live performance crossing borders of theater, dance, visual image and fine arts, collaborating with artists of different disciplines. From 2008 he began solo performance series a perfect life, the 6th work of which was presented at the 5th Yebisu Eizo Festival at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2013. Recently he approached Butoh in The Sick Dancer (2012) and About Kazuo Ohno (2013). The latter was nominated for NYC Bessie Award in 2016, and currently touring around the world. Latest works include: TOUCH OF THE OTHER (Los Angeles 2015; Tokyo in 2016) and BLACKOUT (2018, Tokyo).

Related Program

■Dance Archive Project 2018: Lecture - Performance by Saiko Kino Dance Becoming Physical Education? Vol. #2: Dance as Nation-founding Calesthenics

Date and time: Sunday 11 February 2018 : 11:00 and 14:30 (duration : approx. 1 hour)
Venue: Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery's conference room
Tickets: By reservation only. Not available at the door.
Adult ¥2000/ Student ¥1000/ Combo Ticket with "The Sick Dancer" ¥3000

Butoh Archive Project: Dance Performance

Takao Kawaguchi and Tomomi Tanabe's performance will be happening at the same venue during the same period.

Inquiries and reservation

Dance Archive Network
For the performances, please make a reservation.

Access to the venue

BUoY Arts Center Tokyo
49-11 Senju Nakamachi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
6 minutes' walk from Kitasenju Station's Exit 1