Digital Archive Categories


The “People” category in this archive is divided into “Individuals” and “Organisations”, and focuses on introducing people who had close relationships with Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno.

*Japanese names on the English pages of this online archive have been written in “Given name-Family name” order.


The “Events” category is divided into “Pieces”, “Productions” and “Workshops/Lectures/Symposiums etc.”, with the following classifications:


1. Works with official titles such as ‘Admiring La Argentina’ and ‘My Mother’, that have been performed numerous times and have a relatively fixed structure.
2. Scenes such as ‘Dream of Love’ that have been performed numerous times, which have at times been performed part of a full performance, and at times independently. Some of these scenes do not have a fixed title.
3. Key elements and concepts of structured performances and scenes, including props and costumes such as the ‘Red Table’.
4. Video works featuring Kazuo Ohno and/or Yoshito Ohno.


“Productions” category include all recorded performances, not only those performed in theatres, but also spontaneous improvisations by Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno, performances that took place outside of a traditional theatre venue, and short performances that only lasted a single song.

■Workshops/Lectures/Symposiums etc.

1. Workshops taught by Kazuo Ohno and/or Yoshito Ohno.
2. Lectures and symposiums about Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno or butoh.
3. Exhibitions and film screenings.
4. Integrated events. For example, a combined performance/symposium.

*Where a performance was presented as part of a festival or at an exhibition, it is listed under the “Production” category.
**Where more than one work was presented at a single event, each work has its own separate page with some exception such as modern dance recitals.


The “Items” category lists physical objects held in the archive. Some of these can be viewed online, depending on copyright restrictions.
The “Books” category refers to books that were owned by Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno, and into which they sometimes wrote notes along the margins.

*Images displayed on the “Items” page can be freely resized using the viewer. Where multiple images are available, use the button in the top right hand corner to switch between images.

  • Photo: Teijiro Kamiyama

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