About us

■ Name

Dance Archive Network (Japanese name: ダンスアーカイヴ構想)

■ Address

5-11-19 Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo 140-0004

■ Establishment

Dec., 2016

■ Board of Directors

Toshio MizohataDirector of Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio Office, Representative Director of Canta Co.Ltd.
Takashi MorishitaStaff member of Hijikata Tatsumi archive, Keio University Art Center
Naoto IinaDirector of Dance and Media Japan
Dai MatsuokaDancer of Sankaijuku, Organizer of LAND FES
Kazuko TakahashiProfessor of Yokohama National University


Yoshito OhnoDirector of Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio

■ History

(up to 2016, most the activities were done by the archive section of Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio)

around 1989
Started the discussion on establishing Kazuo Ohno Archive
Organized a series of Kazuo Ohno Retrospective and kept its records
Started to make database of archive materials on Kazuo Ohno. Published the book “Kazuo Ohno Workshop Words” (Publisher: Filmart-sha, Editor: Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio)
Published the book “Kazuo Ohno Food for the Soul” (Publisher: Filmart-sha, Editor: Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio)
Released the DVD “Kazuo Ohno Beauty and Strength”
April, 2002
The Kazuo Ohno Archive was opened at the Bologna University, Italy
June, 2004
Started Kazuo Ohno Festival in Yokohama, Japan, in which the exhibition on Kazuo Ohno was held (A)
Oct. 2004
Released DVD “KAZUO OHNO & The Portrait of Mr.O”
Oct. 2005
The symposium “The Dance Archives in the world” was held at the 2nd Kazuo Ohno Festival in Yokohama
Oct. 2006
Presented the blueprint for Kazuo Ohno Archive in Japan at the 3d Kazuo Ohno Festival
March-April 2007
The exhibition “Buon Compleanno, Maestro. Omaggio a Kazuo Ohno” was held at the Archeologial Museum of Bologna (B).
Oct. 2007
The exhibition “Admiring La Argentina 1977” at the 4th Kazuo Ohno Festival
March-May 2008
The exhibition “Kazuo Ohno 101” at SESC Paolista, Sao Paolo, Brazil, which was also shown in Campinas and Rio Preto.
Sep. 2009
The exhibition “RESPECT PINA BAUSCH” at the 6th Kazuo Ohno Festival
July 2010
The book “Kazuo Ohno Chronicle of a Lifetime 1906-2010” was published (Publisher: Canta co.ltd, Editor: Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio)
Nov-Dec. 2010
The exhibition “Kazuo Ohno’s World” at the 7th Kazuo Ohno Festival
June 2011
Reported about the activities of the Kzuo Ohno Archive and held the exhibition at the 2nd Forum of Japanese Society for Dance Research
Aug.-Oct. 2011
Held the exhibition “Dance Archives” at the 8th Kazuo Ohno Festival as well as 3 symposiums; “Dance Archives exist: practitioners’ talk on how to run archives”, “YANO: Who was Hideyuki Yano?” and “Tomiko Takai and her journey to metaphysics: under the guidance of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno”
April 2012
Launched Dance Archive Network plan
Sep.-Oct. 2012
The exhibition “Get together! Dance Archives!” at the 9th Kazuo Ohno Festival
March 2013
Mobile Archive on Kazuo Ohno “Dispositivo Movel Ohno” was established in Brazil (C)
Sep.-Nov. 2013
The archive materials exhibition at the 10th Kazuo Ohno Festival
Nov. 2013
The symposium was held in Bologna, Italy commemorating the 10th anniversary of Kazuo Ohno Archive’s establishment at Bologna University
March 2014
The exhibition “Dance Archive Project” at Hammerhead Studio in Yokohama
Feb. 2015
Dance Archive Project 2015 with 4 recreated dance pieces and the archive materials exhibition “Searching for the Japanese Modern Dance Roots”
Oct. 2015
The archive materials exhibition at the 11th Kazuo Ohno Festival
Feb. 2016
Dance Archive Project 2016
April 2016
Released a DVD with a booklet “Yoshito Ohno Flowerbird. Butoh: A Way of Life”
July 2016
Launched 3D digital archive project
Dec. 2016
The archive section of Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio became independent as NPO Dance Archive Network
Feb. 2017
Dance Archive Project 2017
March 2017
Co-organized “Green Table 2017” with Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio
June 2017
Kazuo Ohno Mobile Archive was built in Poland
Sep. 2017
Published the book “Portrait of Ono Yoshito” (Publisher: Canta co.ltd, Author: Inuhiko Yomota, Editor: Dance Archive Network)
Oct.-Dec. 2017
Dance Archive Project 2017 in 4 cities
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